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Category : shengtong

  • Cargo storage

Our company owns 80,000 square meters of yards and currently provides container shipping services to 13 shipping companies. Its superior geographical position makes us one of the most efficient yard for entering and porting in Dayao Bay.

  • cargo freight

18 container trailers, can undertake long-distance container shipping services and container short-haul transport within the port.
Owns Coaster and Transit and other vehicles, mainly used for commuter trains, office vehicles, etc., but also convenient for customers to facilitate all kinds of import and export formalities to improve work efficiency.

  • Goods temporarily stored

An area of 6000 square meters of CFS warehouse, you can undertake a variety of storage business.

  • Container maintenance

Companies and excellent suppliers to provide customers with professional container repair and maintenance services, and according to customer requirements, custom container repair and maintenance, 2,000 square meters of repair areas, professional technicians, and improve the quality control System, making every successful victorious container can be intact into use.